Shipping Policy

GM Parts Club Shipping Policy

Some of our competitors dramatically increase shipping costs, often charging double, triple or even quadruple the actual cost to ship your items. Rest asured, the GM Parts Club team has an internal policy to be fair and open with all customers and never try to gouge for shipping costs.

Estimated Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are estimated based on percentage of the price and the type of shipping method selected. The minimum shipping expense is listed for each shipping method. The freight amount charged to you will be the actual freight charged by the carrier. UPS, Fed-Ex or USPS.

Oversized and Overweight Surcharge

Some items may have surcharges for size and weight from the shipping service. We will notify you of any surcharge prior to shipping, which will be added to your shipping charge as an extra cost.

International Orders

International Orders will be shipped DUTY AND TAX COLLECT. This is for any non-US orders. We reserve the right to deny any international shipments.

Damaged & Not-Delivered Items

The shipping carrier is solely responsible for all items damaged and lost during shipping. You will need to fill out a damaged claim report from the carrier to be reimbursed. Please do not return damaged items to us as we are not responsible for the reimbursement.

Next Day Shipping & Second Day Shipping Options

Next Day or Second Day refers to shipping from our warehouse to your address. Most parts are in stock, however many must be ordered by us and can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days (or longer for national backorders) to arrive to our warehouse. Once we receive these items, we will then apply the shipping method you have selected.

Please contact us if you must have your parts by a specific date to inquire about a projected shipping date.

"Chevy Gear" Orders Shipping & Stocking Status

We try to stock many of the commonly ordered "Chevy Gear" items including hats and tshirts. However, when we run out of stock on these items, it may take up to a week before we receive them in our warehouse and then another day before we are able to ship to you. Please know that we will try to expidite the shipping process, but we can not guarantee a specific delivery date on these items if we do not have them in stock at the time that they are orders.

Availability and Parts/Accessories Stocking Status

The website is not currently hooked into a live database of parts availability. Just because an item is shown on our website does not mean that we have the part in stock (although we stock over $2,000,000 in inventory) or that we can get it quickly. We will do our best to notify customers of their order status with the notifications provided through this system. This will include email and SMS text messages if a phone number is applied to the customer account with permission to receive updates via SMS text message.